Computer Game Collector is the inspiration of former computer programmer, Tyler Maiser. His desire to start a platform that focused on all the aspects of gaming finally became a reality. His idea to bring together a world that encompasses online casino games with other video game information has come to life with this website.

The self-proclaimed computer geek recognizes how the video game business has evolved to include many online casino favorites like poker and slots. His goal has always been to become a trusted source for condensed information, directed at other geeks looking to discover more online gaming options.

As an avid player himself, Maiser was frustrated with the lack of information available at other websites. He knew the world of computer game collectors needed an outlet that included everything in one place. His concept centers on the needs of players and comes from his own personal experiences.

Read it From Tyler Himself… Tyler Enjoyingg VR

“It’s true. I wanted something different. I grew up in Wisconsin and spent a lot of time indoors due to the cold weather. During this time, I developed a love for video games and the interaction that came with it. As I grew older, I discovered the world of online casinos and instantly became attracted to the intensity of gambling.

My research into various websites helped me gain useful information, and my time spent playing at different online casinos has given me an edge on the competition. I learned about different software programs, bonus codes, banking methods, and found some favorite online slots along the way.

I graduated from high school, furthered my education with a college degree, and was working right away as a programmer for Online Canadian casinos. Although I enjoyed that career, I knew I wanted more.I had a desire to share what I learned about online gaming with others. My friends were always asking for my advice and I knew others were probably interested as well.

I took the leap with the website in order to change things. Based on feedback from other computer game collectors, I developed this space to include information about everything that goes along with gaming.

As poker made its rise in popularity, I saw an increased interest in online casinos, and I knew I needed to include that information also.”