Video and computer games have evolved significantly since their introduction into mainstream homes in the 80’s. Their arrival at that time was widely embraced, and popularity spread rapidly among families. Little did people know that the design was already a decade old before it gained momentum.

  • The first game console was invented in 1966 and the 70’s, programmers worked to tweak aspects of the machine to make them more accessible to everyday people. The device became an enormous success within blue-collar homes when they hit shelves in 1980. It was then; the world discovered Asteroids.”


  • Back in the day, the technology for these gaming consoles was highly regarded as advanced in technology. The screen featured dots and lines that symbolized aspects of each game. The animation is laughable today, when we look at the high-quality action-packed graphics, music, and technology that define the new world of gaming.

80’s-90’s Progress

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, advancements in gaming consoles were happening quickly. The Atari was one of the original pieces that saw improvement with the Barbar Black Sheep Slots that housed more games, enhanced screen graphics, and more music options.

Over time, technological advancements gave way to sleeker, modern, and more visually pleasing games. The intricate details became a huge selling factor and ultimately another way to attract players.


The most amazing thing is the fact that statistically, the advancements in developed technology made the special effects more captivating but interest in the original device was just as intense. New advances in gaming gained a lot of attention even as people still enjoyed the old favorites.

Computer game collectors loved the graphics and increased capabilities. The almighty casino gaming world has become a lucrative industry. The statistics of households are changing all the time. Families are acquiring disposable income, the sales of video games and machines continue to skyrocket; some computer engineers say that this is only the beginning.